MANNUCCI DROANDI | An article in the magazine OINOS
Produttori Toscani di Vini biologici e olio di oliva di qualità | Italian Organic producers of Tuscan wines and extra-virgin olive oil
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An article in the magazine OINOS

The agricultural society ” New Agriculture ” was formed in mid-2013 on the initiative of members Mammuccini Maria Grazia and Giorgio Valentini with the intent for both is to continue a family tradition to enhance their institutional and professional experiences in the agricultural sector and more generally about food and rural land , while for the third partner , Dr. Sandro Pasquinucci , participation derives mainly from a cultural interest and a passion for wines linked to the territory.

OINOS – vivere di vino


(Read the magazine online p.66)  Produttori – Una nuova agricoltura per la Mannucci Droandi – Fiora Bonelli, foto Bruno Bruchi