MANNUCCI DROANDI | + The experimental vineyard…
Produttori Toscani di Vini biologici e olio di oliva di qualità | Italian Organic producers of Tuscan wines and extra-virgin olive oil
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+ The experimental vineyard…

For about ten years now the estate has worked with the Arezzo Section of the Experimental Winegrowing Institute of the Ministry for Agricultural and Forestry Policy. Initially we worked on projects aiming to perfect monitoring methods and the battle against fungi and parasitic pests, like oidium and moths, and reduce the use of chemical products to a minimum in eco-compatible winegrowing. We ourselves do not use chemical fungicides, and only use organic fertilizers.

Later an experimental vineyard was planted for the “Conservation of the winegrowing germoplasm in the province of Arezzo” (as the Region of Tuscany authorization reads): old vine varieties have been planted here that were once widespread in the area and are now faced with extinction. Starting with the 2000 vintage, the grapes of these vines have undergone their first micro-vinification and promise well for the future. Other interesting – but more widely tested – varieties have been reproduced in small quantities, such as theFoglia Tonda, the Barsaglina, the Pugnitello, which we are now introducing into our own vineyards.