The History

Three Generations


... we are searching tradition on the one hand and innovation on the other in order to continue in the best way possible as the previous generations have intended.

Mannucci Droandi stems from farming and winemaking traditions of two families, Mannucci, small landowners in Valdarno since the early nineteenth Century and the Droandi, from the XVIII ° farmers in Carmignano and then in San Giustino Valdarno.

It is currently administered by the Società Agricola Nuova Agricoltura S.r.l, with CEO Maria Grazia Mammuccini who in turn comes from an old family of farmers.

Conducted since 2000 with organically certified methods, this choice, along with the rehabilitation and enhancement of native local vines, is the fundamental basis of our work. The goal is to contribute to environmental protection, the mitigation of climate change and at the same time, to offer products capable of representing the identity of our country by combining local tradition with innovation, with the intention to continue in the best way as previous generations have been able to.

In charge of the vineyards and the cellar is Roberto Giulio Droandi.

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