Campolucci Toscana IGT

“CAMPOLUCCI” Toscana I.g.t.

Wine We have grown grapes in our vineyards and made them into wine for three generations, but we only decided to enter the market ourselves in 1998, when we decided to reap the fruits of our experience and bottle our own wine. In our quest for quality we sometimes had to adapt our own way of thinking and that of our assistants. We selected vineyards, carried out shorter pruning, thinned bunches and selected grapes, first in the field and then in the cellar, where years of practice enabled us to control fermentation to the best possible effect. 12 months ageing in wood and the same in the bottles complete the process. This is a challenging wine, rich in aromas and weighty, but at the same time elegant and strongly evocative of its land of origin: the sunny hills of Tuscany.

Vineyard Six and a half hectares of medium-texture alluvial, sandy and silty soil, with excellent aspect, at an average altitude of 250m above sea level: the best possible production conditions which, along with suitable agronomical choices (minimal cultivation of the land; cordon training and short spur pruning; foliage control in summer; bunch thinning; leaf thinning; and harvesting in several stages), guarantee the highest quality grapes.

Blend Sangiovese 50%, Cabernet 25% and Merlot 25%

Enologist Giorgio Marone

Vineyard manager Folco Giovanni Bencini

Cellar Cellar man Andrea Mammuccini. The selected grapes are destemmed and gently crushed; vinification is carried out in medium-sized vats (50-100hl) with extended maceration (18-20 days) and délestage at intervals. Malolactic fermentation is carried out soon after devatting, a necessary step for the subsequent ageing (12 months) in French oak barriques (30% new). Lastly the wine completes its maturation with 12 months in the bottles.

Recommended ageing period the wine will continue to improve in balance and smoothness for 12-15 years.