Barsaglina, excellent on its own and in Chianti

Barsaglina, excellent on its own and in Chianti

Barsaglina, excellent on its own and in Chianti

Among the most active companies for the recovery of the ancient Chianti and Arezzo varieties close to extinction, to mention that of Roberto Droandi of Montevarchi (Arezzo), with estates also in the Chianti Classico.

Many vines rediscovered from this reality, including the rare Barsaglina . “On this cultivation we have accumulated experience and achieved remarkable results”, points out Droandi . «It is a generous, rather vigorous variety, to be kept at bay both in terms of productivity and leaf level. Just earlier than Sangiovese, it resists fungal diseases, with good results even in negative years. In 2014, for example, we produced an excellent Chianti thanks to the contribution of the Barsaglina (and of the Foglia Tonda), against the debacle of much of Sangiovese ».

Bunch of Barsaglina

Barsaglina, nothing to envy of Pugnitello and Foglia tonda

The resulting Toscana Barsaglina Igt refines 3 months in cement, 24 in barriques and 6 in glass. Although it has a lower alcohol content than the Sangiovese of 1.5% vol., It is interesting for its marked personality. Load of color, rich in polyphenols in taste, with vinous, fruity but at the same time elegant, vaguely vegetal and balsamic aromas. Droandi concludes: “Although less full-bodied than other native varieties we produce in purity, such as Pugnitello and Foglia Tonda, it is a wine of rare aromatic and gustatory complexity , and I consider this variety highly improved in the blend of our Chianti”.

In the picture: Maria Grazia and Roberto Droandi with Foglia tonda, Pugnitello, Lacrima del Valdarno and Barsaglina from left.


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Barsaglina, ottima da sola e nel Chianti