Preview Chianti 2015: the first preview open on Valentine’s Day to all

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Preview Chianti 2015: the first preview open for Valentine’s Day to all

The first experiment of wine preview that opens to the city and the public has been an incredible success. The ethusiastic participation of the public was perhaps aided by the favorable schedule that put together Valentine’s Day and the final evening of the Festival. On the table (rather, on pallets) of the small masterpiece of Fascist architecture of the Ex-Tobacco Factory of Florence here 100 producers from all provinces of the Tuscan Chianti, 200 million bottles in constant growth and appreciation worldwide.

And even if the prices do not take off, the value for money often remains unbeatable in the world but also many small and medium enterprises that hold high the flag. A wide and varied territory, from the Apennines above Dicomano 500 meters goes up almost to the sea in the province of Pisa, in a year like 2014 can only present a situation of qualitative patchy. The average is not excellent but compared to the quality of forecasts is not particolamente inferior to other recent vintages, a symptom of health for the sector and a sign that the hand and the producers technique is consolidated and firm. Compared to the past when there is body and depth you prefer to go out with lean wines rather than pumping with wood and other gadgets.

Despite the continuous arrival of winemakers and investments in short, it seems that the Chianti has learned the lesson, at least on the vintage version that soon will be able to use the Stelvin closure so beloved by the GDO worldwide. The Stelvin will however not allowed on Reserve and Superior who are the least interesting kind of review, perpetually poised between great wines and more complex versions of vintage wines. In this category often they hide the real gems, but it is always difficult to explain to the public and customers, especially abroad.

At the level of the territories Rùfina remains the most suitable terroir elegance and complexity, Colli Fiorentini are a good compromise between pleasant to drink and structure, Colli Senesi difficult to categorize but attractive level especially in areas around San Gimignano and Crete Senesi. Arezzo prospects of originality and power are the most interesting.

Here are our tasting, divided between previews 2014 (with a voting fork given the extreme youth of the wine), vintage 2013 and 2012. Among the reserves in 2014 Chianti where can we entered the town of production, why ranging from 5 different provinces.

Chianti DOCG 2014
The Sources and raspberry fruit, is rich and sunny, perky and crisp in the mouth. 82-84
Abbey of Morrona with blueberry and blackcurrant, juicy, grumpy to sip but it will pass … great strength! 81-83
Cantine F.lli Bellini is cosmetic and fruttatissimo, mouth touch of enamel and light tannins, good finish. 78-89
Castello del Trebbio purple and black cherry, pepper and blueberry, rich and juicy, beautiful material in the process of settling, great character. 84-86
Castello di Gabbiano looks distinguished and elegant in the nose, in the mouth straight and pierced but very fresh and cuteness. 83-85
Castle Poppiano Guicciardini is flowery, with raspberry and undergrowth, liquiriza and lavender on the palate, good tannin. 84-86
Castelvecchio very rich and mining with beautiful notes of juniper and red currant, crispy mouth and tasty, very becoming. 85-87
Chianti crunchy and salty Trambusti (PT), mint and currant, mouth with savory traces and sour. 84-86
Pitchforks Podere dell’Anselmo (FI) has so much forest, bay leaves and black olive, rough on the palate but nice and long finish, fresh. 86-88
Bini farm (SI) is calcareous and chalky, with raspberries and violets, delicate mouth with little regard but slender and pleasant. 85-87
Casalbosco Farm (PO) black cherry and raspberry, red currant and sweet touch of vanilla, pleasant and soft mouth. 82-84
Fattoria di Piazzano (FI – Empoli) with incredible clarity of fruit, currants and Fruttino Zuegg, power and elegance mouth, pleasant almost immediately but also with power reserves to spare. 87-89
Poggiopiano farm (Fiesole FI) spices and balsamic touches on basic nice and fruity red, fresh spicy mouth and tannins that intrigues. 86-88
Sammontana farm (FI – Montespertoli) tart cherries and black cherry, red floral, mouth with a little known ‘passita but the tannins refresh sip. 84-86
Lavacchio farm (FI Rùfina) purple and red apple, raspberry crisp, mouth with returns balsamic menthol and tobacco, final freschissimo.86-88
Fattoria Le Sorgenti (FI – Pontassieve) fresh raspberries and strawberries, balsamic touches, carob and date, pretty mouth fresh and tasty. 86-88
Farm Varramista (PI) is fleshy and gloomy, blueberry and plum, black pepper and cassis, his mouth relaxing fine, lively tannins caressing it in perspective. 84-86
Guidi 1929 (SI – San Gimignano) has light floral touch, pleasant and delicate mouth, strawberry and violet, the final salt. 83-85
The Oaks (FI Impruneta) beautiful extraction and juiciness, mouth clean and defined, very dark, fruity, good tannin in perspective, final and peppery spice. 86-88
Le Fonti a San Giorgio (FI Montespertoli) black cherry and red currant, tart fruit with vanilla, very aromatic with the final savory returns, watchful on tannin sip. 86-88
Malenchini (FI, Grassina) has black cherry, undergrowth, it’s nice net, especially in the mouth, fleshy and agile despite the final extraction. 83-85
Re Melini Chianti is airy, with raspberry and black cherry, mouth touch of polish and tobacco, pleasant mouth. 80-82
Melini distinct and floral mouth so strawberry, ripe tannins and fresh. 84-86
Ruffino fruit of blackberry and blueberry woodland, mouth with laurel and olive, discreet tannins and freshness, drink and discreet complexity. 85-87
Taking the Horn (FI), apple mint and lavender, pleasant mouth and rhythmic. 82-84
Villa Travignoli (Rufina, FI), raspberry, mint and bay leaves, nice finish with oil, crisp and savory. 85-87

Chianti Colli Aretini 2014
Mannucci Droandi is dense and rich, very dark with such matter and spice, powerful and classic final Arezzo. 85-87
Paterna balsamic iris and lavender, mouth by fine tannins and spicy, final compound and pleasant, savory and fruity spicy. 86-88

Chianti Colli Senesi 2014
Campochiarenti (San Gimignano) is calcareous and sea, with delicate fruit, strawberry and blackcurrant. 84-86
The Palagione (San Gimignano) has black cherry and resin, nose ringing and full, his mouth still settling but pungent and strong. 82-84
Bindi Sergardi (Castelnuovo Berardenga, SI) with undergrowth and autumn soil, spicy mouth with tannins yet to be discovered but row away that is a pleasure already. 85-87
Salcheto (Montepulciano) Direct pure and unfiltered, pleasant black cherry and tobacco, peppery final and ready to grow. 86-88

Chianti Montalbano 2014
Villa Artimino agile and intense, tumultuous mouth that has yet to find the way, however slight and slender. 78-80

Chianti Riserva 2012
Montaioncino looks a little tired, floral black cherry and undergrowth. 81 -83
Buccianera nose has quietly but then spicy and cocoa, sip with tannins in evidence. 80-82
Cantine F.lli Bellini cherry and plum fruit, mouth with alcohol that contains wood. 82-84
Dianella Farm is a bit ‘austere but noble, mouth that you empty a little in the final. 83-85
Petriolo Farm fruity nose with strawberry and raspberry, violets, and a nice spicy. 85-87
Guidi 1929 (SI) black cherry and black currant, vanilla, pepper, tobacco and licorice, tannins a little rude. 86
Melini shows pleasure and elegance, countered mouth, crunchy and peppery in the mouth. 86-88
Piandaccoli has nose elegant and noble woodwork, black cherry and blueberry, mouth decisive impact but nice tannin and mint in the finish. 90
Tognetti resin and lavender, bay leaf and pepper, mouth persuasive but still settling. 86

Chianti Colli Fiorentini 2013
Lanciola has precise and clean fruit, pleasant, relaxed mouth with nice boost of tannin and aromatic final. 85
Towers with nose a bit ‘closed and undefined, mouth contracted and stony, to try again. under vacuum
Castelvecchio has a red nose and floral lavender and purple, candied almonds and sandalwood, sumptuous mouth rich but without heaviness, nice try for a typology that often reserves surprises like this. 89
San Michele a Torri is lively fresh and stony, lean wine on the palate with a lovely flavor and raspberry returns. 87
Malenchini pepper cardamom and licorice, very strong and intense nose, mouth that keeps blow and raises, not very agile but rich and full. 86

Chianti Colli Fiorentini Riserva 2012
Towers is gloomy and dark, difficult to evaluate, much matter and pepper but it stands little. under vacuum
The Horn posed and elegant, thyme and lavender then raspberries and currants on the palate, very present tannins, the mouth does not compostissima. 84

Chianti Pisan Hills 2014
San Gervasio has nose of strawberries and cloudberries, bay leaves and wood, mouth savory and meaty, ending a bit ‘difficult. 80-81

Chianti Colli Senesi Riserva 2012
Ficomontanino almonds and black and red currants, Kentucky tobacco, mouth pleasant and light, nice rhythm and end candor, well extracted tannin and managed. 89
Poggio del Moro with pepper and spice, very present wood and overwhelming at times, especially in the mouth. 76

Montalbano Chianti Riserva 2012
Betti has very marked notes and pungent, mouth with little grace, decomposed even if the extract is remarkable. 78

Montespertoli Chianti Riserva 2012
Fabrizio Pitchforks Podere dell’Anselmo piacione nose and rich in references spicy, vanilla and undergrowth, the mouth with a bit of residual but step of the wine of substance, long finish wine category. 87

Chianti Rufina 2013
Fattoria Veroni the purple shrill and resin, lavender and raspberry jam, the mouth of matter but agile because of so much freshness and flavor. 86
Farm Selvapiana has purple and raspberry, classic freshness of Rufina and significant overall pleasantness. 87
Frascole’s high altitude wine, sharp and biting, but vital and irresistible especially at the woodland and floral palate with a rich spiciness and tobacco, distant grace but contagious energy. 89
Marchesi Gondi Tenuta Bossi sweet and cuddly mint and raspberries, orange red, with mild notes rubbery mouth, tannins pleasantly biting. 84
Podere il Pozzo has substance’s bacon, mineral and fruity red from apple and strawberry, pleasant mouth. 85
Villa Travignoli is pleasant and upbeat, runaway mouth but very inviting and gastronomic. 86

Chianti Rufina Riserva 2012
Marchesi Frescobaldi Nipozzano has rich and pleasant fruit intensity and spice, nice minerality, meaty, mouth tumultuous but pointed and delightful perspective. 91
Marchesi Gondi Tenuta Bossi with sweet black cherry and pepper, juicy, mouth grim but beautiful length with sweet touches and cinnamon. 85
Podere il Pozzo black cherry and strawberry jam, very compact mouth and definition, spicy tannins and well balanced, final freshness. 87
Villa Travignoli has olives, cornea, laurel and lavender, the mouth of blueberry and currant, locust bean and sandalwood, final clean fresh balsamic and remarkably persistent. 88
Colognole with sour cherries, Kentucky tobacco, pleasant tannins, intense aroma in the final, understory and thyme, rich tannins and thick. 90
F.lli Bellini not clean nose, mouth slightly fermentation but the result is there and also elegance and pleasure. 82
I Veroni is intriguing, floral and ripe red fruit, silky mouth elegant and sumptuous with a fine tannin and accurately extending the draft to balmy beaches. 92
Farm Captain has muscles and refinement to the nose, mouth with matter and tannins though not elegant. 83