A piece of wine history: Mannucci Droandi

A piece of wine history: Mannucci Droandi

A piece of wine history: Mannucci Droandi

Mannucci Droandi

With pleasure and a little melancholy a piece of wine history comes to an end.

Last Friday in the wine club Ybrig the evening with indigenous grape varieties .

And with three wines from Mannucci Droandi from Tuscany – all certified organic.

The history?


I discovered the excellent wines of Roberto Droandi of Mannucci Droandi in November 2009. In December, I visited Roberto on site and was again enthusiastic about his work. Some powerful Chianti and ancient authochthone grape varieties in the bottle. Roberto brought these back to life and filled each variety at that time less than 1000 bottles. So good that Gambero Rosso has already distributed 2 glasses for it. Bona has recognized the quality. And some of the rare bottles were bought and put into the basement in early 2010. And let it rest. Again and again tried a bottle. And on Friday in the wine club practically the last bottles came into the glass.

Of the three wines, one remainder each remained. The bottles open every 30 hours. And all three even better than the night before. These wines need air. A lot of air. And they all still have a lot of reserves. Today in the Nachdegustation:

Mannucci Droandi – Barsaglina 2007 – Toscana IGT – Italy
Only 13 ° volume and a dense gran red. Much warm fruit. Round, pleasant with well-integrated, polished tannins. 18.5 / 20 BAP – now until 2025. Unfortunately, the very last two bottles.

Mannucci Droandi – Pugnitello 2007 – Toscana IGT – Italy
The pure-bred Pugnitello with 13.5 ° shows a dark purple with violet black core. Lots of fruit with blackberry notes, tobacco, hay and straw. The tannins present and well integrated. 18.5 + / 20 BAP – now until 2026. Farewell to the last two bottles.

Mannucci Droandi – Foglia Tonda 2007 – Toscana IGT – Italy
The Foglia Tonda shows a dense purple, youthful. The wine has 14.5 ° and is a powerhouse. The tannins are still very strong, demanding further maturity or a dining companion. 18.5-19 / 20 BAP – now until 2028. Downer: four more bottles in the cellar.

Toscana organic wine Mannucci Droandi www.bona-aestimare.ch Wine Club

The wines of Mannucci Droandi all always in excellent quality. Long-distance runners and for patient connoisseurs.

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