Wines of Tuscany, a polychrome fresco that conquers the world

Wines of Tuscany, a polychrome fresco that conquers the world

These Previews show a showdown for the regional brand and bring different and often convincing expressions of a large territory into the glass. A mosaic of companies makes up a sort of “multinational” of wine on the tables of the world.

It is a test of strength that every year lines up thousands of bottles to present a preview of the multifaceted enological universe of Tuscany. Even with the absence of Brunello di Montalcino and Bolgheri – denominations concentrated on independent moments of presentation of the vintage – the great and inclusive ceremony of the Previews of Tuscany becomes an opportunity not to be missed to take stock of the state of health of a key region for the Italian wine market. This is demonstrated by the record numbers recorded in 2022 by wine made in Tuscany, with exports driving a sector made up of just under 12,500 wineries committed to cultivating more than 60,000 hectares of vineyards, for a production that in the last campaign reached 2.3 million hectoliters of wine. A “colossus” that has the fragmented structure of a mosaic – because between large historic estates and small vignerons the average is 5 hectares per company – yet brings into play the commercial power of a multinational. According to Ismea estimates – presented at the beginning of PrimAnteprima – the collections attributable to exports of Tuscan PDOs speak of over 690 million euros (+7%), even in the face of a decline in volumes (-3%), in line with the other national PDOs. The States alone represent over a third of the demand (34% in volume and 38% in value), followed by Germany and Canada. On the other hand, the domestic market is less brilliant, given that in 2022 Tuscan PDOs recorded a 10.6% reduction in terms of volume. In addition to the numbers, there is also the wine in the glass. And here broad reflections open up on a fresco that is not always perfect, but certainly in evolution.


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