Campolucci, a masterpiece

Campolucci, a masterpiece

From Trentinowine

A wine is exceptional, when you sit in an armchair, you taste, you close your eyes and you see the immense
G. Tachis.


Have you ever found yourself faced with a wine that you know for sure that you don’t reassemble anymore? This is one of these rare cases. Then you try to get all the facets to keep them in a drawer in your memory and keep it forever with the knowledge that you are a privileged person and a lucky man.
Campolucci Sangiovese 1999 IGT – Mannucci Droandi , second and last vintage of Maestro Tachis with 13.0% vol. – Sangiovese 70% and Cabernet 30% . A little also in the wake of the moment (I think about the work on Tignanello ). Here the Tachis personally selected the grapes and areas to be used. One year in wood (only 30% new) and one year in the bottle. A wine capable of evoking a particular and highly vocated territory.
This sentence contains the essence of the thought that honors me to taste this wine.
Very often dreams become reality, just wanting it, this will keep it forever among the most expensive. With reverence we find ourselves before a living and delicate wine. His feelings are elegant and well expressed. This wine tastes of tradition and of Tuscany , sweet tertiary, cinnamon, rhubarb orange peel, thin china, pepper, delicate sensation of clove, carob. Dried violet, leather, coffee beans, wild berries, Vignola cherry and blueberry jam. The leather arrives once satisfactory oxygenation occurs, the reassurance after 24 hours of last night’s opening. In the mouth it is structured, round, soft and enveloping with wet earth. Maturity has given it complexity and completeness. At the height of his life, he has a considerable length and a rhizome of inviting rhubarb. I would certainly eat a Fiorentina cooked the right way.

An immense memory!