PrimAnteprima in Tuscany

PrimAnteprima in Tuscany

Ah, the week of the “Previews of Tuscany” kicked off in Florence, a week where the Consorzi di Tutela of the region present the new vintages to the Italian and international press. The first day began with “PrimAnprima” with the wines of ten Consortia (Carmignano, Colline Lucchesi, Maremma Toscana, Montecarlo of Lucca, Montecucco, Orcia, Pitigliano and Sovana, Terre di Pisa, Val di Cornia and Valdarno di Sopra), so many really stuff.

But before talking about my tastings, I would like to point out to you a nice brochure produced by the Tuscany Region which reports all the Dop and Igt products, as many as 31. Some of these I really like very much, see the Cinta Senese, the Farro della Garfagnana, the Finocchiona, the Mortadella di Prato, the Chianina meat (which to tell the truth is not only produced in the region), the splendid Tuscan bread with the excellent oils where the Chianti Classico stands out.

All this to say that then tasting the wines inevitably I thought with which products it would be better to combine them. Call it a game, and I must say that I enjoyed it a lot.

Let’s start from the Orcia, a name that is soaring, a sangiovese of breed that is shaking off a certain style that mimicked the nearby Brunello di Montalcino, an excellent thing because it seems to me that more and more it is defining a peculiar personality of its own, among the samples show;

Bagnaia the Red Mirage – Orcia Doc 2015

Capitoni Marco the Troccolone – Orcia Sangiovese 2015

Donatella Cinelli Colombini Cinderella – Orcia Rosso 2016

Poggio Grande lo Scorbutico – Orcia Rosso 2016

Sassodisole the 2017 Sangiovese Orcia

all perfect with good Chianina


Here we are in the Tuscan Maremma, I must say that it is a boundless world, many micro and small companies with very different styles. Missing a common thread that defines his identity, but so it is. Few realities have satisfied me, report it;

Mocali Agricultural Company of Ciacci Tiziano with the Maremma Toscana Doc Cabernet 2016

Bruni Farm with Maremma Toscana Doc Alicante “Oltreconfine Granache” 2017

Fattoria Le Mortelle with Maremma Toscana Doc Cabernet “Botrosecco” 2016

Here I see the pairing well with a sandwich full of Finocchiona.


And now it’s up to Carmignano Docg, a name that has its own peculiarity, where with Sangiovese the historical presence of Cabernet Franc and / or Sauvignon gives these wines a unique and significant trait. I point out to you the wines that I liked very much;

Tenuta Artimino with the Barco Reale of Carmignano Doc Ser Biagio 2018

Podere Allocco with the Carmignano Riserva Docg 2015

Piaggia with Poggio dei Colli IGT Toscana 2016

Capezzana Estate with the Carmignano Riserva Tregiano Docg Vittorio Contini Bonacossi 2015

Without delay with the Cinta Senese.


We are at Montecucco, a denomination born with many expectations, but which unfortunately has not yet managed to express its full potential. A beautiful territory, but which still has a long way to go to carve out a niche in the market and in the hearts of consumers.

Sign of Colle Massari the Montecucco Docg Reserve Poggio Lombrone 2014 excellent with Finocchiona.


I close with the Consorzio Vini Doc Valdarno di Sopra, certainly the most freak of all considering that here the types that can be used are endless. For goodness sake, for the producers it is a boon because they can do a little what they like, but certainly as a territorial characterization they do not talk about it. That said the good stuff is not missing, here are my recommendations.

Il Borro with the Pian di Nova Igt Toscano Rosso 2016

Mannucci Droandi Pugnitello Igt Tuscan Red Bio 2015

Petrolo Galatrona Valdarno di Sopra Doc Merlot “Vigna Galatrona” 2016

Tenuta Sette Ponti Vigna of the Valdarno di Sopra empire Doc Sangiovese 2015

And as a combination you can easily choose between all the PDO and IGT products of the Region.